Welcome to The Aviary

Great News!

You can now try on our products at 'The Aviary' – with our new in-person shopping experience designed to compliment our online store.

Try on up to 8 items at The Aviary in Auckland!

The Aviary

When you arrive, you'll enjoy:

  • A private space to try on your items, filled with natural light and a large mirror to bask in your gorgeousness
  • A 25 minute session to try on up to 4 items; OR a 50-minute session to try on up to 8 items*
  • Advice regarding the item fit, and how to wear the items by a seasoned personal stylist
  • If you have shopped with us before, we can assist with how to work these items in to your existing wardrobe
  • Alteration suggestions to suit your individual needs

Best of all, if you have provided your measurements prior to your appointment via email (check out our blog on how to measure yourself) and if we have time* within your session, we may also make other suggestions to suit your size and shape.


How it works:

  • Select one of our Reserve Your Sessions or click here to book a 25 minute session to try on up to 4 items; OR a 50-minute session to try on up to 8 items*
    NOTE: A small fee is charged for all bookings but is deducted from the cost of any purchase made on the day - see full details below
  • Browse our collection to locate items you’d like to try on
    TIP: Use our Wishlist tool to keep track of your items!
  • Email us your Wishlist (or just the name/URL of the products you'd like to try) - at least 48 hours before your session starts
  • Arrive at The Aviary at least 5 minutes early
  • We will meet you and escort you to your private fitting room to try your selections on.



Love vintage? I can’t recommend this enough.

Leanne M

The Aviary is a little slice of heaven! Will definitely be going back :)

Tessa R

We look forward to seeing your smiling faces again!

* Terms and Conditions

  • All bookings require a minimum 48 hours’ notice
  • You must email us the list of items you want to try on at least 48 hours before your session
  • A small fee is charged to secure your booking:
    • $20 for a 25-minute session
    • $40 for a 50-minute session
  • Booking fees will be deducted from the cost of products over $120 you'd like to purchase at the session, making your visit almost FREE!
  • Booking fees will not be refunded or applied to any future sale outside of the session
  • Failure to attend a booking/s:
    • Will result in a loss of the booking fee
    • Repeated failure to attend or repeat cancellations may result in an inability to create future bookings
  • As of June 2022, masks are required to be worn by all parties present at The Aviary – see the section ‘The Aviary Under Covid’ below for details and updates.


Want a more personalised shopping experience?

If you’d like more time to try on your selection, along with tailored styling advice, why not book a Personal Styling Session in the comfort of your own home?

Find out more about our Styling Sessions here.


The Aviary under Covid

June 2022 Orange Level

It is a requirement of both the premises and the Government for close contact services such as this, that you wear a mask at all times. You can read more about the Close Proximity Guidelines issued by the Government here.

If you are not comfortable with this, we apologise in advance and look forward to a day where we will be able to provide you with another option to try on with us.

If you have an exemption, please email us a copy of your verified exemption certificate so that we will not have to be embarrassed to ask you again.

We trust that you will understand our desire to adhere to the guidelines of both the premises, and the Government requirements of a close contact business. It is important to us to ensure the safety and comfort of all other clients who use this space.