Sustainable Style - Personal Stylist Sessions

Styling Sessions under Covid-19:

Styling Sessions are operated according to the 'Close Proximity Service' COVID regulations, and our staff are fully vaccinated. Read more about the Close Proximity requirements here.


Our Unique and Sustainable Approach to Fashion

We are pleased to offer personal, one-on-one styling sessions to help you create and adapt looks that ooze confidence and personal style. During the session we help you select colours and shapes, and introduce you to styles that fit your body and individual lifestyle needs. 

We take the time to be with you, and work to meet your needs including your own existing style preferences and budgets. With over a decade of experience, we are known for getting those creative style juices flowing again!

Sustainability is no longer about doing less harm.
It’s about doing more good.
- Jochen Zeitz

After a session with our stylist, you'll understand how to choose items that work for you, so you'll never make those costly fashion faux pas again!

We currently offer assistance with:

  • Wardrobe overhauls and 'smart' organisation

  • Consulting with existing wardrobes to 'use what you have'

  • Colour, shape and style consult to enjoy dressing as your 'best self'

  • Shopping experiences based on need and budgets

Our sustainable approach means when we are on shopping experiences, we will take you to brands and stores that are aligned with our values around production, ethics and recycling.

We spend time sourcing the fashion brands that we believe are positive contributors to reducing our environmental impact. Our values work in tandem and we actively work to support them.

  • Do you need help organising and culling?
  • Do you think you need to shop to re-invigorate your wardrobe, but feel like you have enough and just need a bit of guidance?
  • Do you want to chat about where to begin?


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    Learn more about our Sustainable Stylist, Stephanie King here.