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Painted Bird - (sl.) a well ‘turned out’ woman, dressed to create impression of elegance, uniqueness and style. "To perfection", "to the highest degree", (to dress) "buoyantly and high class".


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About our Range

Painted Bird evolved from a passion for the ‘hard to find’ piece; bespoke styles, cuts and textiles found in premium vintage clothing from the 1940’s to the 1970’s. These styles are easily incorporated in to our current looks.

In days gone by, individuals chose patterns and fabrics, tailoring garments that created a story by infusing garments with personality, identity and occasion.

These designs enhance existing body form, swathe natural beauty and produce a signature ‘statement look.’ Carefully handpicked pieces from France, Italy and other parts of Europe ensures our collection is Grade A Vintage, High End Wearable Art.

On buying trips, we only select classic and unique garments of the highest condition; with the philosophy that all pieces must be distinctly wearable. These past creations are carefully curated to be an addition to our present day wardrobe. It is almost guaranteed that you will never see another garment like it – anywhere.



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