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Where it all started...

Looking back, there are are three women who I can directly attribute to being the driving forces in my love for clothing and style. In this post, I would like to share with you these ladies who inspired Painted Bird.

My Grandmother June

My grandmother (pictured on the right in this image (left)), with her friend Molly) was a seamstress and I remember with great fondness going to her house and opening up the shipping trunk she had filled with fabric, buttons and all sorts of frippery. She allowed me to make Barbie clothes with the offcuts of her projects. I distinctly recall, she always smelled of perfume and was immaculately dressed.

My aunt had a fantastic collection of vintage handbags – floor to ceiling displayed in her home with amazing panache. She would weave on what I remember to be a majestic loom in a room on its own, with beautiful colours and threads creating sensational, personal objects d’art.

My mother is a very small person who has always worn the biggest impact clothing. In New Zealand, where discreet and conservative British dressing is the norm, she was always recognised for her fabulous style. Hats, furs and bright fabrics and colours provided a novel concept.

‘Just because I dress like a peacock doesn’t mean I expect you to!'

As a stylist, many times with my more conservative clients, I have said to them ‘just because I dress like a peacock doesn’t mean I expect you to.'

Stephanie King

I believe it is my upbringing that brings me to loving the finer things in fashion rather than being a victim to trend.

This shop is an extension of my love of clothing, individuality and a desire to share timeless fashion on a piece by piece basis. As I do, I want you to covet the fabric, relish the detail, and twirl in the style, form and fit. Find your own bespoke piece and most of all - be your own Bird!



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  • Laurel King Schnitzer

    Hi Steph! Laurie here. My Mom , your Grandmother is the classy strutter on the right!❤️

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