Ukrainian Art in Pysanky Egg Writing

Ukrainian Art in Pysanky Egg Writing

As with all traditional and handmade art from cultures all over the world - this unusual writing of eggs is a delicate craft to be celebrated and cherished!

The Pysanky egg is unique and personal - an interpretation of mood, personality and elements of environmental insights by the artist or, 'writer' based on traditional messages. Traditional designs were passed down through generations apparently with very little variation.

Ukrainian Pysanky Eggs at Painted Bird Vintage Boutique

Patterns written on pysanky were magical and totemic themes carrying wishes and prayers for good fortune, health and good crops. They sent messages for the warding off of evil spirits, protection from lightening fire and flood, for prosperity and even for children!

As some eggs may be more rounded and others more elongated, the shape and mood of the egg also suggested which design might be applied to any given Pysanka.

Writing Pysanky was a century old folk tradition practised in Ukraine from ancient pre-Christian times but according to artist archivist Evan Lewis, vigorously suppressed during Soviet rule.

Evan began what he coins as his ‘lunatic egg writing’ when looking to find suppliers of Orthodox church incense. He came across a supplier for producing Ukrainian Easter Eggs or ‘Pysanky’.

Later finding a book on assorted styles of egg decorating writing he decided to order the necessary supplies and have a go.

Ukrainian Easter Eggs Painted Bird Vintage Boutique

The results, vision and interpretation of this beautiful creativity are seen here by New Zealand artist Evan Lewis. 

Evan is not only an archivist, he spends his creative time 'writing eggs' and also creating inspiring and beautiful embroidery patterns, calligraphy, painting and writing.

As you can see, once he began he was hooked! 

If you are interested in further information or purchasing any of these wonderful pieces of art please feel free to get in touch!

Happy Easter to all!

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