Traveling with a Vintage Capsule Wardrobe

Traveling with a Vintage Capsule Wardrobe

There are so many options when it comes to travelling outfit light – we say go vintage capsule!

Spend your time on the sights, sounds and adventures of a trip rather than being the last one out to breakfast! We think, if you choose one colour you should be packed and ready for action quicker than an Aussie Kiwi bubble!

Whether it is a corporate trip, a pleasure jaunt or a mixture of the two - a capsule vintage wardrobe has plenty to offer!

When we travel to source new beautiful things for our store, we take the easiest to fold, easiest to spot clean, cross-matching and non-wrinkling fabrics. Who wants to spend time looking after your clothes when you are away, when you could be soaking up the sights or lounging in a pool?

We’ve put together a fun, bright example of a vintage travel capsule just for you. We specifically chose orange because orange in its many tones goes so well with denim. In reality … who doesn’t at least pack one pair of jeans when they go away, so we wanted it to be easy to visualise and always looking 'fresh!’.

Don’t worry, if you like orange, but this collection isn’t your size or your style – we currently have over 90 orange items online HERE, so you are sure to find something that suits YOU. Or, choose another colour from our entire collection here to make it your own!

Here’s our example of a versatile quick pack that will have you travel ready faster than you can say, “Tasmanian devil!”


Our suitcase essentials (besides bras & undies) for a two-week trip holds the following:

  • White T-shirt (If it has sleeves like ours, you can wear any sleeveless item over the top)
  • Jeans (We like wide straight leg – they never date and you don’t look like a golf tee!)
  • Orange skirt (a line always a winner)
  • Patterned orange skirt
  • Floral ‘extend your trip wardrobe with another skirt’ skirt
  • Blouse (long sleeve and frilly for your meetings or evening drinkies)
  • Shirt (one that can be worn open or closed)
  • Kimono (THE travelling essential for warmth and pizzazz)
  • Jacket (couple of options here in case you need corporate)
  • Dress short (on its own, belted, as a top, tucked, untucked – versatility is key!)
  • Dress long or event (we have three options here with plenty of snazz in all of them!)


Add small pieces like belts, white silk singlets, scarfs, scrunchies, jewellery, sneakers and mules.

Check out our examples of an orange capsule travel pick and mix:

Have a great time with it - we've got our bags packed!

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