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This is a little love story…

This is a little love story…

I love all of my clothes – they are almost like my children. I rarely part with anything because I don’t buy without conscious thought. I believe in no ‘brand new’, cost per wear (longevity) and most definitely drawing out and reflecting individual style. So, in my situation, it is hard when you need to select just one piece of history to help make a stand during #fash_rev_newzealand, when in all honesty I have so many stories it is a ‘hard call’.

Wearing vintage clothing, love abounds from so many possibilities. The designer may have chosen the fabric with love. It may have been made for a daughter or granddaughter with love. The pattern selected with love to flatter and fit. And maybe the wearer wore it with love, not only from necessity to be clothed, but maybe while in love, or going to find love. This dress is a testament to enduring style and reminds me of so many reasons why I love vintage.

To me, clothing is brought into the world by the designer, whomever that may be, for the new owner to embrace. The look you wear is usually uniquely created by you and therefore ‘just for you’ unless someone else is dressing you. You have the opportunity to return and revisit adaptations of an earlier look anytime - like an outing to a treasured aunt or grandparent.  If you select with care, quality and conscious thought, your wardrobe will be a reflection of your circumstances of life, finances and style at that time.

And so, as we are currently in a state of flux, and since I must select, I choose to offer you a dress that is a reflection of change for me. Every time I wear it is a reminder to me of life, happiness, sadness, and most importantly, a reminder of personal strength during a period of change in my life but still reflective of LOVE. I am reminded of the courage I needed and the inner strength I summoned to get through that time in my life when I purchased this dress. It is like the ‘true blue’ old friend that lasts through life change and offers an unconditional love in its form.

This dress is a wonderful vintage soft pink, mustard and cream Thai silk. It is a modern size 18. It is a  a testament to the enduring style and shape created by the designer and when I saw it I loved it. You can see it is too big for me now but I will never get rid of it. Whenever I wear it still, I am reminded of the love I have for being able to wear clothing that has genuine history from both my own life, the designers and the previous owner/s. 

Regardless of change around us, Vintage fashion can move you through any stage in your life; birth, deaths, age, love – the list goes on.

Find what you need to summon up that state of power. If Vintage clothes are one of the things that helps you get through – I give you a smile, a nod and say ‘me too’. Wear the loved clothes that have lasted through history and change.

This one of the ways #lovedclotheslast

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