Sustainable September Tips

Sustainable September Tips

Most peoples lives have been touched by climate change in some way.

The conversation regarding climate change is being had by all generations more frequently with a call to action to act now. The world can't wait. You can put your 'stake in the ground' jumping on this path for considered, thoughtful and unapologetic change for good.

At Painted Bird, we believe you can make an easy start towards 'good fashion' fabulousness and we are here to help guide the way with some of it.

Image on left with Painted Bird Vintage Floral Blouse for Viva Magazine: Styling by Dan Ahwa photography by Yvonne Todd

We put together a few ideas that might just make the road look a little easier:

  • Revise any trend-based shopping habits. Does the current trend even look good on you? Sometimes it is best to just let them pass on by with out your engagement and literal buy in. Case in point the 'barely there' trend. Surely not everyone is as confident with their bodies (however beautiful) as the likes of the Hadid girls and Kardashians.

  • Look after the pieces you already own. Sometimes with tweaks here and there, they can be almost new again or revitalised. Such as making a loved dress into a skirt or top instead. If you are not confident doing it yourself engage a local alteration (supporting local is another 'good' initiative!) business to do it for you.

  • Prioritise and set criteria for any new pieces to be only vintage, preloved or, from a local designer you love. Set a standard for your wardrobe filling it only with high quality. That way, you concentrate on selecting and curating what you believe will do the 'hard yards' and what you have inside your wardrobe reflects your unique personality and style. Personally, I believe your clothes should also provide you with an excitement to put them on – vintage can do that!

  • While everyone’s ‘NEEDs’ are different, try out buying only what you NEED and surely you can/will feel better about it. When the parcels are in hand, or the deliveries arrive … cast a critical eye and get the visual of your overall impact. Then multiply the view it by say … four million shoppers in New Zealand. When you need to shop, how about checking out looking only at what is already in circulation (there are many re-love items that are new i.e., with the tags still on!) before finding a new-from-new created item. Think: vintage, retro, second-hand (non-fast brands) and repurposed first. The eco footprint of clothing that is not newly created will be less than that of new-from-new (again non-fast brands). Particularly in the case of vintage and retro!

  • Repeatedly culling your wardrobe (The Kondo crimes) and then refilling it with whimsy purchase items that match with nothing, are never actually worn or, the trend based and quickly look ‘naff’ are pieces are a true no no. Use that ‘whimsy-loss’ money instead to try engaging a personal stylist to help you set a basic wardrobe strategy. It can save on wardrobe mistakes, unnecessary spending, as well as your fashion footprint (if the stylist is not affiliated with any stores to make you buy more for less).

And of course, we can help with all of that!

  • Think about offering and or donating treasured yet unloved items to your friends, vintage stores, preloved stores, a theatre group or fabric recycle depot. Whatever you feel resonates with you. It is no longer in bad taste or an affront to offer used items to another person. In fact, it is more likely if someone heard about you throwing useable items to landfill, they would be more horrified!

Remember Climate Change Action is cool!

Lastly, what about holding a garage sale or swap and put the $$'s you make from your clothes sales into a future clothing or personal stylist fund for yourself or a family member.

Positive results on all fronts there!

You could spend a morning at a market or volunteer at a charity to see the overflowing (again letreal) need to stop over consumptive processes happening when it comes to fashion. Being more aware of its negative contribution to climate change will help you to see we can all do something - now.

Sustainable September is a wonderful time to be engaged and inclusive with changing our way forward for and with everyone.

Sustainable Stylist, Stephanie King

Check out our Sustainable Stylist and The Aviary sessions - it might be just what you need to find works for YOU!

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