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Notable Trends for 2023

When you start to scroll through social media, watch the runways and designer launches the latest trends begin to appear. This time around, from the start of 2023 we embrace metallic fabrics, faux leathers and sequins to antagonistic fur and faux fur trends ... it appears that there are no boundaries the season ahead. 'Nostalgia is fashionable again,' according to

The upcoming launch of the new Barbie movie in July (NZ) ensures there are pinks in every shade bursting from every view and hue imaginable. The immaculate dressing style, flair and often luxe nature of this timeless doll gives unapologetic access to maximalist overkill and riots of colour for any combination of everyday and/or event wear.

Case in point, Anne Hathaway pictured far right below.

Painted Bird Vintage

Luckily for us at Painted Bird Vintage, we have a fantastic selection of authentic, sustainable fashion in a vast colour range and fabrics to compliment any trend - so we don't mind this aspect of trend following.

Hurrah! Dressing for 'self' and showcasing of your inner vibrancy is 'back in vogue' and poised for longevity.

Any of the pieces from our collection below could be adapted slightly and you would be sustainably adorned with on-trend garments that cater to this latest dip in to luxe pinks, faur (faux and real) greens and shiny shiny shimmer!

Painted Bird Vintage

Notable aspects of the incoming trends you can adapt for yourself:

  • Pink is going to be popular - in every shade. Use it as a bold statement or softening for another shade. Head to toe pink is not going to look out of place whether it is full matchy-matchy or an arrangement of tone and patterns. Embrace it!
  • Get some greens in to your repertoire with apple, fern and moss shades. While these are not always the best colours on everyone you can embrace these colours easily via patterns or accessories. Or utilise our collection of Ayala Bar earrings that have the uncanny ability to pick up whatever colors they are next to and easily finish your look.
  • For us at Painted Bird, there is a welcome transition from slippers and sneakers back to 'shoes that leave the home'. Look for styles in elegant fabrications embellished with fun ornaments. Working from home is in full swing and the desire to 'get dressed again' has re-emerged. Ballet flats in satins, shimmering fabrics and patterned leathers will get a revamp with edge and a more formal vibe. They will take us back out of the house, dressed without the 'teetering' to events such as weddings. Chunky, rubber soled loafers or (lug-sole) are the perfect complement a casual sneakers style wardrobe base. Add a cardigan to complete the preppy yet finished look - why not in pink ... we have just the thing!
  • Bringing the sparkle back in to daily life, sweaters with embellished buttons, heels with jewels, and jeans with diamond-like details are just some of the trends we will see re-enacted. Maybe now is the time to try your hand at putting your own stamp on a simple piece embellishing with your favourite sequins or beading. Easy to manage with the array on offer from craft stores to suit any level of jhzuuijhzing taste.
  • Style the faux leather leggings that just keep giving and are so loved by many with vintage chunky sweaters, retro denim shirts and tunic style vintage dresses. Try the sleek look with blazers that 'WOW' and balance your body shape with shoulder pads or quirky shapes.
And, for those that are uncomfortable in bright 'Barbie-core' or the 'golf-tee look' of leggings do not despair!

The enigmatic easy Barbie teenager 'Skipper' look of ballet flats, sneakers, blazers, and cargo pants are still appropriate and in your favourite earthy tones. Expect to see cargo pockets on everything from pants and shorts to skirts and coats. Balance is key when adding bulk to your finished look.

Most importantly, whatever the trends of any season - just BE YOU. Find your way to be comfortable while pushing your individual boundaries in fashion because in the end - fashion is supposed to be fun! You will always look stylish if you have confidence in what you wear when you ultimately look just like ... YOU. 

Enjoy fashion and be a trendsetter in your unique style ... your own way.

Painted Bird Sustainable Stylist

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