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How to Wear Vintage: Styling items that are too Loose

When it comes to vintage clothing, we don't often get a choice when it comes to the size of the piece – but that shouldn't stop you adding it to your wardrobe!

If you have an item of clothing that is too loose for your taste, don't worry! Large or loose-fitting items can quickly be re-styled to accentuate your figure and make it 'your own'.

Here are my top tips on styling items that are 'too large':

TIP #1: Belt it up!

One of my favorite tricks is to grab a men's tie and turn it into a belt! You'll find dozens of these at op-shops (usually under $5), PLUS they are often made of pure silk, so they have a beautiful soft sheen and will last forever.

Wear a Belt

Watch my belt transformation tutorial on Instagram here!


TIP #2: Go with the Flow

You can often get away with a much-too-large Maxi dress by pairing it with fabulous chunky jewellery and by embracing the flow and drape of the fabric by wearing it off the shoulder as I did here:

Steph Pink Maxi

Remember, it's always better to buy something a little too big than a little too small. This will allow you to cinch the waist with a belt (or tie!) or, in the case of an item that is far too large, drape it dramatically off the shoulder for a sumptuous effect.


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