Painted Bird Vintage Boutique

How did our name, Painted Bird, originate?

Painted Bird - (sl.) a well ‘turned out’ woman, dressed to create impression of elegance, uniqueness and style. "to perfection", "to the highest degree", (to dress) "buoyantly and high class".

Without fail, every week I am asked in the boutique, “Why Painted Bird” – why choose that name? It is a cute story that we can share here.

Having done my research into how, what, where, why and when I was going to open a store, I spent many a day musing about what to call it. Deciding on a name is a similar stress to naming a child isn’t it? Once you have done it, you really shouldn’t need to go back. You need to be certain it is right; reflecting what, (in this case), you sell and is indicative of your own beliefs. Your brand is important. You hunt around for an idea and are offered many by supporters.

The name Painted Bird came from my husband. He had ‘pooh pooh-ed’ all of the names I thought of over a period of months as we geared up for opening. Sitting around one evening, as I continued to search for inspiration he said, “How about Painted Bird?” “Huh?”, I replied since there was no corresponding context. We were just sitting together, a companionable silence swiping away on our phones - as you do these days.

“You know, like a woman all dressed up to go somewhere, in something nice. A name for the shop. How about Painted Bird?”

I looked at him and saw that he had just hit that nail on the head – he is a builder after all.

‘I like it,’ says I, ‘Yep, that’s it. Exactly.’

And that my friends, is that! Cute huh.

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