Guest Appearance Stefany Hall from The Mane Group

Guest Appearance Stefany Hall from The Mane Group

As an ex-hairdresser (me), you’ve got to be pretty top notch to meet this ole’ bird’s standards.

Besides her awesome namesake of course, sticking with Stef has been a no brainer for my own hair, that's why we asked her to talk to us about her style and fresh looks for 2021!

Meet Stefany Hall

Stef Hall is a master colourist, stylist, make-up artist and self-confessed hair product geek. For the past 15 years, she’s worked, managed and educated in top salons around Auckland and New Zealand. She’s created beautiful hair for fashion shows, photo shoots and brides, as well as on the salon floor.

At her business The Mane Group, her goal is to create beautiful bespoke hair colour and styles for everyone.

Your current style obsession:
I’m currently obsessed with high waisted pants, the look really replicates that 1940s vibe. My current favourites are my ripped baggy jeans or my linen wide leg pants. They are so comfortable and can be dressed to suit any occasion. I wear with a nice top and strappy heels or wear with a cropped t shirt and sneakers for a more casual look. I love to mix current and vintage fashion. 

What is your favourite vintage piece in your wardrobe?
I have a fur coat that was my mum’s when she was younger. She was a ballroom dancer so she had all sorts of fabulous and sparkly things in her wardrobe. This was one thing I managed to keep and it’s absolutely divine. I just need more occasions to wear it! NB/ Think you can’t wear vintage fur? We discuss the pros and cons.

What hair style goes well with vintage?
Any style!! I love the glam ‘old Hollywood’ look. Depending on what vibe you are going for, vintage can match any hair style. Your hair is your main accessory, so if you want it to feature it - go big, or if you’re wearing bold accessories, slick your hair back to show off the earrings or necklace. Necklines of tops also play a big part in deciding what hairstyle would suit the look. For example if your outfit has a detailed top-half or a high neck, wear your hair up so you can showcase that beautiful garment.

Your top tip on incorporating or wearing vintage in your wardrobe and everyday life:
Vintage is so versatile, it can be worn every day. My top tip: it doesn’t have to be saved for special occasions. My day to day salon wear is quite casual, so I do love pairing a beautiful vintage skirt (Painted Bird has so many to choose from!) with a plain white T-shirt and sneakers, or a cute dress and sneakers. Note the mentioning of sneakers; I’m on my feet all day, so comfy footwear is a must!

Your favourite fashion era?
Do I have to pick one? My style is so eclectic, I take inspiration from all eras. Right now, I would say my casual wear style is more 80s with the ripped jeans, bike shorts and oversized t-shirts. However my favourite era would have to be the glamorous 1920s. The style for women had such simple shapes but the glitz and sparkle of the dresses are just incredible. Such intricate molding of hair into finger waves adorned with jewelled headbands was stunning.

Your accessory essential?
Hair accessories of course! My two go-to accessories right now would have to be hair clips and scrunchies. Some of my favourite clips are matte claw clips. I twist my hair into a high top knot and clip. It’s such an easy way to put up hair for a day look. Scrunchies work so well to finish a simple ponytail or even a half up style. For evening, I put my hair in a middle parting and slick back into a low bun. Sliding sparkly clips into the side elevates such a simple style to a really glam look.

Get fabulous style! Check out this brilliant low-bun tutorial by Stefany Hall for effortless chic:

1. Comb hair into middle part and back half of hair at the roots

3. Secure the hair into a low ponytail with a hair tie, but don’t pull the hair all the way through leaving a loop of hair

5. Bring back remaining hair that was left out and wrap and pin into the bun

Like what you see? To get in touch with Stefany, visit her website.

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