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Fashion Revolution and #WhoMadeMyClothes

WARNING! This is a post filled with hope for change!

During this week in the world supporting a worldwide initiative for Fashion Revolution, and on Earth Day today it is timely to look at ethical and sustainable fashion choices and #whomademyclothes.

Fashion Revolution

These beautiful women pictured are some of my customers and they are residents at a village near to me. I was so fortunate to be invited and share in an event they hosted showcasing Vintage fashion a wee while ago.

Pulling out items in their own wardrobes or, from storage, we enjoyed fashion from the 20s right through to the 80s. You can imagine I was in HEAVEN. These wonderful ladies regaled stories and shared history with me.

I asked them about what pieces they had made, where they went in them and how they felt about fashion now. It was a wonderful and telling experience.

They were happy to choose appropriate messages to hold up in support of all I told them about the work of #fash_rev_newzealand and #fash_rev_ausnz and the reasons we need to look at the way we currently provide and dispose of clothing.

The signs said things like:

  • I made your clothes
  • I worked sewing your clothes
  • My Grandma/Grandpa made your clothes
  • My Mom made my clothes
  • Etc etc.

True Vintage was not always made under duress or unfair unethical circumstances. A lot of the time, it was made with love and with a view to longevity. That is what I believe in, that is what these makers concurred and what I sell as truly sustainable and ethical fashion.

This wonderful experience I share with you. I reiterate - no ladies were exploited in this post! They were ALL happy to be photographed and support CHANGE FOR GOOD. They are ' my people'.

Together we can leave 'Planet A' for our children and grandchildren. Let's grab this opportunity to change!

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