Dedicated to help you shop ‘style’ over trends

Dedicated to help you shop ‘style’ over trends

Words from THE 'Painted Bird', Stephanie King

For me, it’s always been about creative fashion from whatever professional angle I have taken.

From the start, when I left school to be a hairdresser in Auckland, New Zealand to the opening of a Vintage Boutique providing what I believe to be the best examples of great style around I love and have loved vintage clothing. My niche, my passion, my determination, and my mission are to provide my personal styling expertise to help anyone on their way to wearing what has already been created as their ‘first choice for fashion’.

I strive daily to change the experiences for those who want to make change but, feel like going into a vintage, recycle or second-hand store evokes that overwhelming feeling of ‘just too much’ and ‘where do I start’!? I know that without help, sometimes it is difficult to kiss so many frogs (or frocks!) before you find the right one.

This is where I come in.

As a Sustainable Stylist in Auckland, I am committed to trying to help people shop smarter and more sustainably. Part of what that title of 'sustainable' stylist means to me, is a responsibility to promote clothing and styles derived firstly from zero waste sources. I provide complimentary personal styling services at Painted Bird Boutique and offer private styling sessions via my online store. I offer ideas to help with styling firstly from your own wardrobe before buying anything new. I believe in teaching my clients how to incorporate vintage, second hand, recycled and charity to their current wardrobes.

Part of what I love to do is to evoke this passion of fashion creativity back in to my clients.

I walk the talk. I rarely buy anything brand new. I am a self-confessed ‘maximalist’ because I have collected (and still wear) clothing and accessories I have been curating since the tender age of fifteen. I work with brands that use the philosophy of ‘no brand new’ rather than continuous creation of new products or lines. Brands who utilise fabrics and frippery to recreate the trends we see daily in fast fashion brands are my partners in 'fashion forward footprinting'.

I don’t think shopping sustainability is all about replacing all your old clothes with new eco-friendly brands. For me, and my clientele, it is more about creating a working wardrobe that fulfils all of your needs. If your style or lifestyle requires a little something new, there so many great choices available for something new-to-you! This is part of a more conscious shopping behaviour which will, in turn lead to less shopping and therefore less rubbish.

In the words of Will.I.Am, “Waste isn’t waste until we waste it.”

It is my wholehearted belief that we must begin to use what we have created before continuing to produce new fast fashion. This is often fueled by trends. And so, I have always worked with my clients to help them to shine wearing the colours that suit them, the styles that flatter and fit, and teaching how to enhance simple classic style by accessorising rather than following trends.

Be your own Bird is the mantra - dress like yourself!

I post on social media in the hope of inspiring while showcasing only vintage and second-hand combinations. I am certain we can embrace with the thousands of others all around the world these philosophies.

I am determined in helping and contributing my expertise to make this world a better place by ‘Doing Daily Good’ within the bounds of this little fashion corner of the earth.

One-on-one Styling Session with Steph can be booked here.

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