Dead Stock - What the Hang is That!

Dead Stock - What the Hang is That!

'Dead stock' vintage is a term that is used to describe an item that was never worn after sale when the item was originally created. It is usually crisp and new looking, with the tags attached like most unworn clothing in stores.

Clothing, shoes, scarves, jewellery and glasses. Anything that went unsold can be claimed as deadstock.

It can also mean, something that was purchased but was never worn and so the swing tags remain on the garment, the label on the scarf or the sticker on the earring card.

In the case of vintage in our store, we personally source these pieces from specialised vintage suppliers. Additionally, because part of our collection originates from private collections, we know the provenance of our pieces. An item can often be 30 plus years old, and we know it has never been worn.

Painted Bird Vintage Deadstock

Deadstock will generally have the wonderfully crisp underlying mental trigger or feeling on the fabric of a 'brand new' newly created item yet to receive its first ever laundering.

Because of course, it has never been worn.

There are lots of reasons why this may have been so.

Perhaps the store where it was offered went out of business. It could have been a gift from a thoughtful partner or friend that didn't suit the recipient. Maybe the item was purchased and hung lonely in a wardrobe until Marie Kondo told the owner it needed to go because it hadn't sparked enough 'joy'!

The list of 'why's' and scenarios could be endless. But, the fact remains the item is technically new - but happens to be from decades gone by.

Painted Bird Vintage Boutique Dead Stock

Deadstock makes up another facet of the highly collectable vintage clothing and accessories market.

Look on our site for the deadstock we curate as we continue to add these collectable pieces to the collection. if you also look further afield you will find groups and dedicated collectors who specifically hunt for these new/old items all around the world!

Wear something old ... new!

Sustainable Stylist, Stephanie King at Painted Bird Vintage Boutique

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