Cue The Creative Belt ...

Cue The Creative Belt ...

Are you struggling to tie an outfit together when you look at pieces lying on the bed and just can't see how they could work in harmony? Maybe, a unique belt might be just the thing and vintage belts, scarves and Japanese Obi can work wonders!

Tying in a clash of patterns and fabrics can sometimes be achieved with a little bit of contrasting texture, such as leather or suede.

You can use a belt to create a textural block colour in similar tones to the patterns to 'smooth out' or allow the eye to glide easier, as it travels from face to foot.

While I can not part with any of my belts like this (pictured), off cuts of leather can often be found at surplus stores and some upholsterers for a fraction of the price of a newly manufactured belt.

Another leather source is charity stores that may have been donated damaged leather garments. You may be able to save it before they turf it out and you can reuse at least part of it, saving it from landfill! The options for the other parts of the garment you will have cut up are endless.

Anyway more on this topic at hand:

If you don't have scissors to cut leather, take your piece to an upholsterer to get them to cut, glue and stitch for you. Feel free to show them this picture (above) so the communication is clear.

If you can't be bothered with any of that faff, it easily works to just cut in to a long strip shape if it is a thick enough hide. The waistband can work from an old leather jacket and sometimes you are lucky enough to get a buckle with it.

The soft edging of your cut creates another texture for your look. Please note: An unfinished/unstitched belt wont last as long. However, you can try it out at minimal cost and pay for the tweaks on another if you like the outcome and it works for you.

You will find I also use the reverse suede to achieve an interesting result.

Why not give it a go? Maybe you could start with a finding a neutral leather or suede to start with, and play with your wardrobe options.

Lots of ideas for reusing and recycling existing fashion here peeps - we just gotta be a bit creative sometimes.

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