Change UP your Vintage to make it work for you

Change it Up but Keep it Original

If you've ever found a piece of vintage or retro clothing, but just don't know how to wear it, read on...

We just luurve vintage, but sometimes even the most exquisite piece needs a little 'joosh' to make it suit you. Fortunately, if you are handy with a sewing machine, or have a trustworthy alterations person, the possibilities are endless! Just take a look at the example below.

The 'Fancy Forward' dress (right) is over 50 years old and was originally a maxi dress. By the time it came to us, the hem had been lifted several inches. Fortunately, the person who altered the length simply raised the hem and did not trim off any fabric - meaning it can easily be changed back into a maxi in the future!

Some other modifications that could easily transform this dress include:

  • Collar removal (or just tuck it inside the dress!)
  • Raise up the hem
  • Shorten the sleeves
  • Change (or remove) the buttons and belt

Remember, if you do go ahead and modernize your vintage clothing, please (please!!) keep or reuse the items that are removed. For example, if you do trim off fabric from a hem, you could use it to create a belt or cover buttons. By keeping these items, you help to keep the clothing versatile for the next owner of your precious piece of history.

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