Art Deco Ready

Art Deco Ready

Stepping back in time to the glamorous Art Deco eras is so much fun! Can't you just picture yourself all dolled up in a stunning flapper dress, perfectly capturing the free spirit of the roaring twenties? Those loose, relaxed silhouettes exuded both elegance and playfulness. With their drop waists that flowed effortlessly, they flattered every shape and allowed you to dance the night away uninhibited. Pair it with a dazzling array of long beads cascading gracefully - not just a fashion statement but a symbol of status, making them the ideal accessory for any stylish woman.

The 1920s and 30s were such an exciting time for fashion - those flapper dresses, drop waists, long beads, exquisite details and decadent fabrics all embraced freedom and movement. While reproductions let us enjoy the styles today, the authentic vintage pieces still out there are truly special. You may be surprised what an original garment from that era is worth now, given how few survive - they may be outside the budget of your average thrift shopper.

Here's a few examples that are you could snap up if you were in the market ...

Art Deco Garments for sale

Above, from left to right:  Paul Poiret Ball Gown in Sequined Silk Crepe and Satin France c.1925 USD $31,824.26; Chinoiserie Art Deco Lame Coat, Margaine Lacroix 1925 USD $28,500; Madeline Vionnet c.1924 “Little Horses” Green Glass Beaded Flapper Dress USD $20,894

Are you feeling prepped for a journey into the world of highly sought after and collectable pieces? They are extraordinary, covetable and dreamy to see and an easy way to transport yourself in seconds to an era gone by!

The Reality

Luckily, if you're looking to channel that deco flair for upcoming festivals and parties, look no further than Painted Bird Vintage's collection. While they may not break the bank like those above, we have some great inspired shifts and elegant 80s/90s pieces that nod to the styles discreetly and will have you dressed appropriately for day or evening festivities wear. Our collection of accessories including hats, jewels, scarves and a few select shoes will complete your outfit.

Here are a few examples we love:
Painted Bird Vintage Deco Style Dresses for sale

Above, from left to right: Easy Deco Chic Dress, Deco Style Peach Dress, Gatsby Deco Dancer, Don't Forget Deco Dress

You can complete the look, by slipping into a pair of gently heeled Mary Janes or T-straps shoes. They were so popular then for their delicate straps and femininity. Not only does a little heel height elevate your style, but it enhances your poise and grace as you own the dancefloor, effortlessly captivating everyone in your shimmering vintage elegance.

We understand the allure of the past and preserving its timeless charm. Each piece in our collection has been thoughtfully sourced and curated with respect to that which has gone before. For those who've shopped with us awhile, you know we believe fashion should celebrate individuality and history, not just fleeting trends.

Just want it sorted? Here's something we put together with a few of our pieces:

Deco style daily

Above, from left to right: Deco Style Seafoam Cloche, Polka Dot Deco Revival Dress, ring and earrings by Michal Negrin.

When you choose from Painted Bird Vintage, you're joining a community of stylish, eco-conscious women who appreciate beauty, elegance and individuality from another era.

So for your next event, why blend in when you can stand out and feel transported back in time? It's time to embrace vintage and leave a lasting impression with fashion that was an art form.

Have fun with it!

Sustainable Stylist, Stephanie King

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