A Sustainable September love story for the peacocks out there

A Sustainable September love story for the peacocks out there

This silk organza Diana Knight design dress is special to me, it easily sings the song dedicated to #lovedclotheslast for #secondhandseptember .

I have always believed you should wear what ‘speaks’ to you. Your mood, your style, your ethics and your culture. When you wear things that have that distinct feeling that they are for you and you for them, you contribute to the history through the delicate weaves within and express your unique individuality.

Sustainable Stylist Love Story

This beauty was purchased at a Textile Fair in New Zealand. It had been looking and calling to me over several years and I wondered why it had not sold.

Maybe others thought it too ‘poufy’, too blue, too shiny, or just ‘too much’ but I bee-lined it each fair and finally decided it MUST be for me. How it came to be amongst European vintage pieces is a mystery and only adds to its allure. I asked the seller if it were hers and she said no and was hurried so no further conversation was had as to its origins.

Every cent I spent was calculated and thoughtful as is with any piece that makes its way to my wardrobe. What’s more, a wedding to attend was on the horizon and this peacock print was going to be perfect (Need? Tick)!

This dress has been to a wedding, out to dinner, to a birthday party and has been in a fashion parade showcasing both women and vintage clothing.

It peeks out at me often in my wardrobe and asks, “is it my time again yet”. It makes me smile every time I look at it and say,” Soon my pretty, soon.”

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