A Little Bit of Leg

A Little Bit of Leg

Gone are the days of thick hose that conjure up images of nuns and matrons. Stockings, or nylons as they are called in the northern hemisphere, can be a sexy and style changing addition to your accessory wardrobe.

How often do you put on a pair of fine nude nylons/stockings only to immediately ladder them with your nails! Agreed - it is very annoying (as well as costly) and it can stop some people from wearing stockings in favour of trousers or jeans.

Fear not!

Here's a tip: Did you know that clear nail polish will stop a ladder? At least for a while until you can grab another pair. The nail polish won't come off when you wash them and it will keep the ladder from travelling further up.

Wearing stockings or tights (yes, the slightly thicker version of nylons) that have a bit of interest such as different patterns and colours can be such an easy way to change up your wardrobe. You don't need to spend a fortune, as just a few interesting patterns can be a great start.

You also don't need to change your footwear to wear tights. Pair your newfound passion of crazy tights with sneakers, chunky boots, long or short boots, Mary-Janes, even open toed sandals or contrasting pumps if you are keen for a less classical look. Anything goes these days, and you don't have think you are going to look like Lolita or someone you’re not (unless that's your aim, of course.)

Fishnet stockings are superb and certainly a favourite of mine Double up with another pair of fishnets underneath in a contrasting colour, and in a smaller or larger weave. Or find a patterned option like tartan to wear below the nets. Fishnets are great for layering up!

If you buy good quality and take care of your stockings and tights, they can last you a very long time. Open weave tights can often be repaired too and that equates to #repeatwears – at Painted Bird, we are all about repeat wearing everything you can!

What's more, if you are a gardener, you can use any of the old, laddered stockings to hold up your tomatoes!

When you wash tights and stockings, try taking them into the shower and hand wash with a bit of shampoo, then lay on top of a towel on a heated towel rail. Or, just hang over the shower head if no one is going in afterwards.

While most washing machines these days do have great gentle cycles, we won’t be torturing and twisting ours this way, nor throwing them into the dryer.

The fishnet tights in this image I have had for at least ten years - so I am pretty sure my advice is sound.

Why not give it a try and expand your options when it comes to dresses and skirts or, even trousers / culottes that are shorter on your leg or, show a hint of ankle with a turned up cuff!

That cheeky focus of an interesting, well-adorned leg could be just the thing for your next wardrobe inspiration.

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